Little Dancers Confessions
Anonymous → You guys should check out Vianna Vaitkus, she's an 11 yr old who beat a ton of amazing dancers including Jenna V at HOF nationals this year. She also does rhythmic gymnastics and is great at tap!

Thanks for the suggestion! I’ll definitely check her out! - Ainsleigh

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Anonymous → Part 2 Because when you think about it, Sophia has had the same amount of jazz solos as Autumn (one) and a tap solo, but the other like 5 of them are contemporary and repetitive, so people think she's getting boring and predictable but Autumn is versatile and fun to watch because she does other styles (which she is she's awesome I love her, this is just an example!). Sophia just does too many contemporary, if she does so many solos they should be different styles. What's your opinion, admins??

I completely understand what you’re saying, and I never thought about it that way. Whenever I’m asked about versatile dancers, I usually say sophia, but she’s been doing a lot more contemporary lately. So that kind of fits what you’re saying. I think it wouldn’t be quite so boring if they were all different styles of contemporary. She used to have like one slow one, on lyrical one, one fast/fierce one, one “weird” one, plus her tap and jazz solos. Now they’re all slow, just one fast/fierce. I think that the different choreographers she’s working with all have the same idea of her style, but she can do so many styles. And I’m always against doing too many solos. - Andi

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Anonymous → Part 1 It seems like Sophia has been losing a lot of fans this season because her dances are becoming boring (not her dancing but the choreography). However, I think if she only had one or two solos (even if they were the same choreography) people would still like her more. The first "artistic" solo she had (I believe All This to Say was posted first?) everyone loved and thought it was good for her to do that. I think if she didn't have like 7 solos artistic like that, she wouldn't be so judged.


tumbleflipsplit → For my solo this year, I was considering doing a dance called insecurities, do u know of any good songs intsrumental or not that I could use?

Omg go on unofficialscore on YouTube for incredible instrumental music! It’s all by Sam Cushion. Without looking, I don’t know which one would be good for insecurities. Also, Drehz has a new album but I’m not as familiar with it. Add on suggestions!
- Andi

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Anonymous → Is it just me or are more dances this past season having the dancers doing a lot more coupes? I know its an easier turn that even a mini could do but sometimes it just looks a bit excessive.

My own dances this year had more coupes then regular pirouettes, I think it was supposed to look cleaner. - Andi

Anonymous → Do you know why Jordyn moved? And where did she dance before and did she compete?

She moved from Michigan to LA to peruse her career in dancing/singing/acting. She used to compete at Steps Dance Academy (I think) and she competed for a little while after she moved. - Andi

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Anonymous → Out of all the little dancers (not at ALDC) which would you give a duet with what DM girl?

Hmm… Good question! Maybe Maddie and Sophia tap duet, or Kenzie and Peyton sassy jazz. I could also see Maddie with any of Mather’s juniors, in either jazz or lyrical/contemp. - Andi

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Anonymous → Do you think Kalani was challenged at all when she danced at ALDC?

A little, just because she had to learn different choreography with different people. But not challenged in technique or ability. - Andi

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Anonymous → Which little dancer do you think has the best technique?

Maybe Kenedy Kallas? She has the best feet in my opinion. - Ainsleigh

There’s a few really good ones. Kayla Mak, Tate McRae, Brynn and Jaycee, Kaylee Quinn, Kaeili Ware… Most of these ones train a lot in ballet - Andi
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Anonymous → Who'd win Allie Antoyan or Taylor Nunez

Taylor! She’s placed higher than Allie all season. - Ainsleigh

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Anonymous → Do you know which KAR DP went to this year? Or the time it was around? Like maybe the location or month? Thanks. (:

They went to Redondo Beach, CA. May 30, 2014 - Lilah

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Anonymous → Has autumn miller just had two solos this year? Or have I missed some?

Yes, just two :) - Lilah

Anonymous → Wow, I'm pretty surprised at the KAR judging criteria. The costume seems to matter so much, and technique counts for so little (relatively). For comparison, here's the judging criteria for Nuvo/Jump/24 Seven/The Dance Awards, which I really like: Technique: 50% // Performance: 20% // Choreography & Musicality: 20% // Overall Appearance: 10%

I agree, those criteria sound a lot better. - Andi

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