Little Dancers Confessions
Anonymous → Who do you think is the most flexible : Kaylee Quinn, Emmy Cheung, Sophia Lucia or Ashi Ross

I actually think Ashi might be… Which is weird because she’s Te oldest xD - Ainsleigh

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Anonymous → Who's your favorite girl on Dance Moms and why? (:

Maddie, because I think she is extremely talented and a very hard worker! - Ainsleigh

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Anonymous → The Rockstars are older I'm pretty sure. It used to be superstars. The superstars were Alyssa, Bria, Bizzy. Now they are Rockstars. then Rockstars, then minis (brynn, jenna)


Anonymous → Follow up to the superstar, rockstar confessions. I don't think they have the superstar company anymore.

Thanks! - Ainsleigh

Anonymous → I've always loved Brianna Haire, especially when she was at Murrieta. Do y'all like her?

I love her!! She was one of the first little dancers I saw! -Lilah

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Anonymous → Lol why do people get all mad? It's so funny... They act like you're getting paid to make this blog!

Anonymous → What the heck? Calling people anon when they are on anon is really normal on tumblr!?

I agree! Would you rather we call you Bob? Mr Bean? Cleopatra? Like if you’re anonymous, what else are we going to call you??? - Ainsleigh

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Anonymous → Okay well you rude people just lost a follower

Sorry…? - Ainsleigh

Anonymous → If you haven't, you should watch Murrieta Dance Project. They're so good! I recently found them on YT.

I’ve watched MDP and I LOVE them!!! They’re all so talented. Hallelujah is one of my favourite groups this season and Hungarian Tapsody is probably my favourite Tap group of all time!!! (so far haha) Also, how cool is Dorothy?? - Ainsleigh

They’re one of my favorites! - Andi
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Anonymous → Do you know of any live streaming nationals that are still going right now? It doesn't really matter if famous studios attend or not.

Starpower still has nationals going on, but they only stream the battle.

- Lilli

Anonymous → People said that the PRODUCERS cut buns n roses but they weren't even in Vegas why would they do that???

Molly said the Producers cut Buns & Roses, and then someone said this is a standard thing… the producers/judges review acts after auditions and may cut some that initially made it through. I don’t know whether that’s true or not, but seeing as Molly said they were cut by the producers, I assume that part at least is correct. - Ainsleigh

Anonymous → Are there any little dancers that also do competetive gymnastics?

I have no idea! I think Trinity Inay did? And Asia trains/trained in Gymnastics, but I don’t know whether she’s also competitive. - Ainsleigh

Many of them do gymnastics, I don’t think many compete because they are so busy with dance! - Andi

Anonymous → Lilli I think its really disrespectful when you call people anon

Ok anon! - Lilah

What on earth else am I meant to call you? The whole point of anonymous is that no one knows who you are - Lilli

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Anonymous → What's the difference between Club's Rockstars and Mini Company except for a couple hours extra training ????

Nothing I guess, usually the Rockstars are younger then the Mini Company.. -Lilah

Anonymous → Do you know why buns and roses got dropped?

Probably because AGT decided they didn’t want dance acts?

- Lilli

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