Little Dancers Confessions
Anonymous → STARS or ALDC?

Stars is more technical and the stronger studio but I find ALDC more entertaining to watch. - Ainsleigh

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Anonymous → Peyton Heitz or Zoe Rossi?

I haven’t seen very much of Zoe so I’m going to go with Peyton, but Zoe is so cute! - Ainsleigh

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Anonymous → Thoughts on... Zoey Imler, Paulina Macias, Kaeli Ware, Hallie Reggio, Eva Igo, Emma York

I LOVE Zoe! She’s so graceful, definitely one of my favourite MDC dancers.

I haven’t really seen much of Paulina, sorry.

I like Kaeli! Beautiful dancer but I haven’t seen much from her.

I like Hallie.

I loved Eva’s solo from HOF Nationals last year! She’s very talented!

Emma’s impressed me so much this year, she’s been winning/placing consistently and she’s a younger junior! (or an older mini if you look at Jump/Nuvo etc.) - Ainsleigh

Anonymous → I agree that it depends on the style of dance on whether Autumn or Kalani wins. Hip hop or jazz Autumn probably? Contemporary or lyrical Kalani because I think she has better technique

I would say jazz or contemporary for Autumn, and contemporary for Kalani. - Andi

Anonymous → What is complexity?

It’s the group of Club Dance Studio kids who are trying out for Americas Got Talent! I believe it is the whole Pre Pro company.

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Anonymous → Why do you think Sophia decided to leave her studio and go with her own choreographers/stretching coaches etc?? Has she ever said why?? Won't she miss all that studio fun and being part of a team etc???

I don’t think she’s ever said. She was far ahead of the other studio members, so she probably wanted to further her training. Maybe she wanted to give the SDDC girls opportunities to be featured, have solos, etc. I really don’t know the reason. - Andi

Anonymous → Do DP do contemporary?? Have any of their minis/juniors done a contemporary solo?? Would love to see!!

Yes, I think so! I’m not sure if it’s considered lyrical or contemporary though. Kaylee Quinn’s solo Firework is definitely lyrical or contemporary! :)

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Anonymous → sarah shepherd or miabella gonzalez?

I haven’t seen a solo from Sarah in a while so I’m going to go Miabella, love them both though! - Ainsleigh

Anonymous → is that gif on the side of your page of sophia doing a leg turn in requiem sped up or is she really turning that fast

I don’t think it’s been sped up! - Ainsleigh

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Anonymous → Favorite minis?

Jessalyn Hall, Raven Alanes, Michelle Cheng, Jadyn Siagusa, Peyton Heitz, Olivia Haschak, Madison Johnston, Mariah Humphrey to name just a few! - Ainsleigh

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Anonymous → the only thing i don't like about all these dance studios auditioning for agt is that none of the judges actually know anything about dance; they can't judge the kids based on how extremely talented they are or how awesome their technique is, all they can judge them on is the entertainment factor and whether or not it seems hard to do (but they don't really understand how truly hard it is to do certain moves like turns and leaps and such)

That is annoying. It’s too bad that Live to Dance was cancelled and that AUDC is sort of like Dance Moms 2.0 because there aren’t very many other options for kids to showcase their dancing. America’s Got Talent is all about talent I guess and it just so happens that the judges prefer other talents to dancing, especially when it’s younger kids doing the dancing.

At the same time it could be the style of dance or even the music that makes them view the kids a certain way - for example a bunch of pre-teens performing to pop music isn’t the best vibe for a massive talent competition, especially when they’re up against aerial acts and other things. - Ainsleigh 

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Anonymous → Do you prefer Bailey or Ava's Diva dance?

Haven’t seen either, sorry! - Ainsleigh

Anonymous → Sophia Lucia, Autumn Miller, Emmy Chung, Tate McRae, Maddie Ziegler, Talia Seitel, Kalani Hilliker, Kaycee Rice, Gavin Morales, Jaycee Wilkins. Who would get 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th, 5th, 6th, 7th, 8th, 9th, 10th if they had equally good choreography and were all in the same age category?

These are so hard, why do you do this?

  1. Sophia
  2. Emmy/Tate/Autumn/Talia
  3. Kalani
  4. Jaycee/Gavin
  5. Kaycee
  6. Maddie

Would depend on what style they’re competing too. - Ainsleigh

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Anonymous → How do people know that club and dp are auditioning?

Club and DP are promoting it!

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Anonymous → I believe Verve Inc is a group of somewhat independent dancers that was started by the Cantorias (Sam and Lexine). They seem to use outside choreographers at times and choreograph a lot of their own stuff.