Little Dancers Confessions
Anonymous → So Kalani got first at HOF Nationals and Teen ms. Kar? She won two national titles this year?

Yes - although at KAR I believe she only entered the title competition, not the general competition.

- Lilli

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Anonymous → It's called CirKus and there's a cool one called Ships Ahoy and one called CK Airways

Ooh that’s a clever way to use the studio name! Thanks for sharing, I’ll go check them out! - Ainsleigh

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Anonymous → Awe Addy W is really good and wow her studio has some insane props! Watch their circus group dance!

What’s it called? I’ll check it out! - Ainsleigh

Anonymous → Does anyone know where Addy Watson dances? She's like 7 and can throw aerials and back layouts, and she always has incredible props for her solos!

On her age 6 solo on youtube it says she dances at CK Danceworks & Inc!

I just looked her up and she’s amazing, thanks for sharing! - Ainsleigh

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Anonymous → Peyton Heitz, Michelle Cheng or Brooke Shaw? And why?

I LOVE all three of them!

Peyton is so sassy and her facials are off the charts. I love how she’s challenged constantly because she dances a lot with the older kids, and how that also makes her a role model for the minis she dances with.

Michelle is just so much fun to watch. She dances the OCPAA choreography perfectly, and I LOVE her musical theatre numbers! But then her lyrical solo was also so gorgeous this year.

Brooke is very similar to Peyton in the sense that she has so much personality (they all do I guess!) and I love how she sort of just steps out on stage and looks like she’s having the time of the life, even if her moves or her technique aren’t perfect. - Ainsleigh

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Anonymous → How long did Kaylee Quinn do Russian ballet and rhythmic gymnastics?

The videos on her channel are from when she was about 5 years old? And I think she started competitive dance when she was 7.

But there is a video of baby Coco and Rihanna doing baby gymnastics (I think Coco was just over a year old? So Rihanna would’ve been 2 or 3) so I think she probably did it for about 5 or so years? I’m not sure. - Ainsleigh

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Anonymous → NAC: what do you think about chlo east? do you think she is a good dancer? i think she is so gorgeous and i watched her solo and they were so good especially the one she chorogreaphed herself! what studio does she go to? and whay do you think about her in personality and dacing?

I think Chloe is a beautiful dancer! She used to dance with Pacific Coast Academy of Dance but she is independent now (I assume because she wanted to focus on other things outside of competition dance, because I don’t think she’s competed a lot this season).

Her self-choreographed number is just gorgeous and I really liked her duet with Jessalyn Ward from last year!

I think she is a beautiful dancer and she seems very sweet, although I haven’t seen a lot from her outside of dance. - Ainsleigh

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Anonymous → Well the fact that there is a qualified teacher and ex principal of a school there says there are responsible adults. She's only going to cause Sarah issues socially - most nine year olds go to sleepovers with friends, cousins etc.

I respect your opinion, but I still don’t think it’s a big deal, and the show was just trying to portrait her as a crazy over barring mom. - Lilah

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Anonymous → For the anon asking about good turners: Chloe East and Kaylee Quinn have turns with a high relevé, and WCSA dancers such as Emmy Cheung, Taylor Nunez and Allie Antoyan do nice combinations. A few of the OCPAA minis seem have good turns for their age. Haley Houghton from The Rage has great turns, as do some of the other dancers who also dance there. The dancers Ainsleigh mentioned also have advanced turns, but these are just a few more that I have noticed. Sophia probably has the BEST turns!

Thanks! - Andi

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Anonymous → Christ-y has a lot of issues. Not letting her 9 year old away for a night with responsible adults taking care of her is really insane. Her kid, her choice, but I think she's passing her issues with separation anxiety etc onto her child which is sad.

But who said those are responsible adults? If she doesn’t feels 100% comfortable with it she definitely shouldn’t let her kid go, it’s better be safe than sorry. Especially when there is a whole tv crew with it, I would feel terrified! - Lilah 

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Anonymous → who do you think has the best turns?

Sophia, Talia, Kaycee, Autumn… I’m sure there are more but these are just off the top of my head! - Ainsleigh

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Anonymous → Did Kalani compete at HOF nationals if so what did she olave

Yes, first.

- Lilli

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Anonymous → What age group is Kalani in?

For most competitions she’s a teen.

- Lilli

Anonymous → What do you think would happen if the Las Vegas mini, junior, teen, and senior female dancers of year went up against New York winners

It’s hard to say as we have no idea what the audition scores were like. But, I think it would be really close. 

- Lilli

Anonymous → Am I the only one that finds it weird and desperate that maddie fans are always trying to find a "famous" little dancer that maddie could win against in competition... Now their trying to compare her to Coco Quinn!! Their saying maddie is more mature, has more tricks and emotion and can smoke coco... Seriously!! Coco is six

I’m not trying to be rude and sorry if one of the other admins would like to participate in this discussion but I would really love if we could keep this kind of things out of this blog. It’s stupid and won’t accomplish anything. - Lilah

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