Little Dancers Confessions
Anonymous → The Move choreo was super intricate and detailed and on a very high level difficulty wise for a junior trio. They were amazing, it was very entertaining and they looked so happy and sassy. I actually thought they all synced very well for such a jam-packed dance. Also it placed very high at KAR, a super prestigious nationals, so the judges must've been impressed! ;)

Mather don’t compete at KAR… But other than that I totally agree!

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Anonymous → Amber Youngman's style of dance and facials remind me of Maddie Ziegler, obviously Amber is younger and forgive me but my opinion is she has superior technique (she trains at Mather of course!) but he turn sequences facials and emotions remind me a lot of Maddie sometimes I think Maddie fans would enjoy watching Amber, she's a real performer both at her more 'Broadway' jazz and pretty lyrical . Which I find super interesting because a lot of people say Maddie should train at Mather.

I love Amber! Interesting to say she reminds you of Maddie… I hadn’t noticed that! - Ainsleigh

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Anonymous → do you think brooke flores or carlee schield is a better dancer?

Probably Carlee. - Ainsleigh

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Anonymous → I think that the other anon is right about Abby's Studio Rescue and how they "hire" dancers to create some drama. I watched the episode with Lexee and the boy who was in her hip hop class (they were only 3 kids in that class ) is a dancer at The Rage (so basically 2 kids out of 3 don't dance at that studio like they wanted us to believe). Also, I've read that one of the studios featured in an episode has now closed due to bankruptcy but, according to the show, they "saved it".

Ohh… That’s really interesting. And extremely stupid hahaha but definitely a Lifetime move right? Thanks for sharing! - Ainsleigh

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Anonymous → What's your opinion on Addy as a dancer?

I don’t really watch Addy because I don’t follow the older kids, but obviously she has great control and her flexibility is insane for an older dancer. - Ainsleigh

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Anonymous → Did Mather Dance Company only start choreography/rehearsals/competing Move in the middle of the season? The timing was very poor, even at the recital, so I though maybe they just need more time to practice.

No, they competed/rehearsed it has much as any other number. The only bit I found out of sync as the turns, and I think they’re the hardest part of a dance to sync anyway.
- Lilli

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Anonymous → Lonni Olson did a solo to chandelier (for that anon)

Anonymous → Adorable little Cami Ritzler did a combo to Chandelier too
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Anonymous → Do you have a lot of questions/ confessions in the ask box or have mine been eaten?

We currently have 22 questions in the ask, but they’re mostly confessions.
- Lilli

Anonymous → Have any of the little dancer girls (not dm girls) done any choreography to Chandelier?

Bailey Sok did a combo to chandilier.

- Lilli

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Anonymous → At Club Dance, what dancers do you think have the best control?

KALANI, Brynn, Jaycee, Carlee - Ainsleigh

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Anonymous → Which dancers do you think have amazing musicality?? I mean like the way their movement connects to the music etc. Sometimes I feel these aren't always the first place winning dancers but the ones I enjoy watching. For me, Brynklie, Miabella, Bailey Sok, Mackenzie Auger, Jadyn Saigusa, Gavin M, Madison Johnston, Dabria Aguilar and Autie have fab musicality but I'm sure there are others.

I think Tate and Jaycee do too, also Vanessa Francis from DC2! - Ainsleigh

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Anonymous → I know Sam Smith is super popular to dance to but another British singer I love is Jessie Ware her stuff is great for contemporary and her newest song Say You Love Me would be sooo perfect for an older junior/younger teen pretty lyrical with a lot of eepression. I hope we see a variety of music this season, I kind of get bored with the usual covers etc.

I hope we see a variety too! I’m really curious as to whether Autie and Sophia are going to end up dancing to the same song again this season… - Ainsleigh

Anonymous → I think Lexee was just on studio rescue for that one episode to 'enhance' the story line. She lives in LA and trains with different choreographers like at Millennium etc. She doesn't really dance at a tiny studio in Rhode Island.

Whoa I haven’t seen any episodes of Abby’s Studio rescue but Lexee definitely does not live in Rhode Island… - Ainsleigh

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Anonymous → Lexee was still training at that studio she was with on Abby's Studio Rescue last I heard. Though I may have missed something.

Thanks:) - Ainsleigh

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