Little Dancers Confessions
Anonymous → Been watching the turns that Ari had been doing on IG and they just seems so uncontrolled. I don't know if it's me or not.

Ari is only 7 or 8 years old and better control is going to come when she gets older. I don’t think she looks that bad at all though - Ainsleigh

Anonymous → Mackenzie Ziegler vs. Peyton Heitz vs. Asia Monet Ray vs. Emmy Cheung vs. Kaylee Quinn... Assuming they were all in the same age category... Who do you think would come in first, second, third, fourth, and fifth... Assuming all of their choreography was equally good (although not necessarily the same choreography as they all have different strengths)... ???
  1. Emmy Cheung
  2. Kaylee Quinn
  3. Peyton Heitz + Asia Ray 
  4. Mackenzie Ziegler

1st and 2nd are interchangeable but I think Emmy would be more likely to come out on top. I literally could not decide between Asia and Peyton, I wrote Peyton then deleted it and wrote Asia and then deleted that and wrote Peyton… So I’m just going to go with a tie. And while Kenzie’s amazing I don’t think she has much on these girls. - Ainsleigh

Anonymous → doyou think sophia lucas vouge solos guna be posted like the full version anytime soon??? i just wana watch it


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Anonymous → are u surprised that chloe lukasiak beat Cameron beck?

I haven’t watched the episode yet but no because it’s a Dance Moms competition and who knows what happens with the results… After all, I believe Chloe and Kamryn weren’t even competing directly against each other. But from the gifs I’ve seen Chloe looked gorgeous in her solo so I’m sure she deserved it! - Ainsleigh

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Anonymous → West Coast School of the Arts or OCPAA?

Hard… WCSA for juniors and OCPAA for minis :P - Ainsleigh

Anonymous → Brynn Rumfallo or Jaycee Wilkins?

I personally prefer to watch Brynn but Brynn is one of my personal favorite dancers so I almost always prefer to watch her over someone else! Jaycee is equally as amazing though. - Ainsleigh

Anonymous → For Albany Studios, there is World of Dance. They are so Amazing! Brooke Colletti who was in the final 10 juniors at the Dance Awards goes there. They basically take home all the overalls at every comp they go to.

Thank you! Sounds amazing!

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Anonymous → Yup ellie granda dances around a half hour from Albany NY. I'm kind of familiar with her studio from past comp times but was a long time ago. Btw she was soo cute do you know if she's still competing??

Yes Ellie is definitely still competing with her new studio Mitchell Performing Arts Center! You can see her solos Spanish Rose (Musical Theatre) and Dum Dum (Hip Hop) here shameless plug for my own channel and her jazz solo here! - Ainsleigh

Anonymous → For that anon, Thr!ve Dance Company (Hadley Waltts' Dance Studio, she's from AUDC) I think is in Indiana.

For the other anon!!

Anonymous → I think Ellisyn Granda might dance near Albany now so you might want to check that out!

For the other anon!

Anonymous → I'm confused does Melia Mariano still dance at DP and her school?

Melia started dance at OCSA this year but she no longer dances with DP, she’s with OCPAA now. - Ainsleigh

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Anonymous → Are there any good studios in Albany ny or indianapolis? My parents are considering too move to either places and I really want to keep dancing.

Followers, do you guys know?

Anonymous → Do you like ndsd from Detroit? If so, who are your favorite dancers?? I love Celine abdallah and Emma Yakima. They also have very great boys like nick field!

Never heard of it, but I’ll look at it!

Anonymous → It's in Cincinnati


Anonymous → It kinda just occurred to me that Kalani and Addison are brilliant at improv. I could watch True Colours and Human a hundred times and never get bored.

I know!